Red Ball

About the title

There are many great explorers out there who had spent all their lives traveling to distant parts of the world and discovering new lands. And despite the difficulties they had, history knows many examples of truly heroic persistence and willpower that led to the opening of the North Pole, America and other continents. But who said it should be humans to go down in textbooks for their epic expeditions? The main hero of this game, a merry and adventurous Red Ball, is itching to start a trip of his own and see what lies out there, over the horizon! His is ready to roll all day long and he isn’t afraid of the trials and dangers waiting for him ahead. Will you help him fulfill his dream and cross the entire planet with all its thick forests, high mountains, deep rivers and dry deserts? If so, let’s start playing!

So, the main character is a red ball with a broad smile on his face. But don’t be fooled by his naive appearance! He possesses agility, cunning and dexterity as well and a great analytical frame of mind that helps him to easily deal with treacherous traps and deadly obstacles. The ball has severe and uncompromising enemies – an army of gray cubes. They are trying to seize the land of balls with all their power and turn every dweller into their own kind. To thwart their wicked plans and avoid the disaster, you will have to show excellent fitness and physical shape – jump, dive, fly and even teleport. And of course solve tricky riddles and pick up all sorts of bonuses.

There are various hindrances waiting for you on the way. You can meet your end by jumping on spikes and thorns, falling into the water or abyss, getting under a press or simply being too flippant around your enemies. To successfully cope with all the difficulties the developers have prepared for you, it’s important to stay alert and focused. And of course show good knowledge of controls because sometimes it all goes down to pressing the right button in time!

Playing as the red ball, you can have a great time with the whole family, because these games will appeal to even the smallest players. Kids will love the cute looks and dynamic gameplay and will be able to improve their intellectual abilities in the process. At the same time, the tasks are complicated enough to also keep the adults interested. There is no blood and violence, so Red Ball is suitable for any audience. Enjoy playing Red Ball and try to pass even the trickiest of levels!