Red Ball Attack

About the title

Do you remember the brave red ball with an insatiable thirst for trips and adventures? This time he got into real trouble and needs to help! Our hero is attacked by hordes of monsters that threaten to turn him into a flat red pancake. Your task is to make sure thфat doesn’t happen! To survive through this tough trial, the character needs to demonstrate amazing reflexes and wonders of dexterity. Just like before, you are going to roll through the map strewn with different obstacles, jump over traps and fight with numerous enemies.

But this time the level of action will be so much higher because you are going to run into another opponent on every step! If this expression can be used for a character that has no limbs… Doesn’t matter, time to plunge into the whirlpool of events and enjoy the thrill! Your red ball will be making its way through a set of locations that are all designed differently, so you won’t be able to predict where another hindrance is waiting for you. You should keep your eyes wide open if you don’t want to end up falling into the abyss or dying on sharp spikes. Luckily, there are checkpoints from where you can start over in case of death, but the number of your lives is limited, so you’d better not waste them. The things are complicated by the fact that you also need to look out for enemies that can appear any moment.

By using your own momentum and bouncing off some platform, you can land on their head and simply squash them. However, that requires an ability to calculate the trajectory of your movements precisely or you can find yourself right in the middle of a furious crowd! And although this version of the game doesn’t have as many puzzles as the other, you still need to consider body physics to successfully deal with all the challenges. Don’t give up even if the number of monsters seems to be too large, keep pushing forward and try to pass the most complicated parts of the route over and over again in Red Ball Attack!