Red Ball 5

About the title

Red Ball 5 is a funny game where you have to fight an evil monster that wants to turn the planet and its inhabitants into one big square. A red ball comes out to defend his home, under your watchful guidances. He must destroy all dark quadrangles in his path, and return already changed friends to their usual form. Complete levels, fight a wide variety of bosses, and defeat all hostile geometric shapes!

The hero you are playing looks very unusual. It has the shape of a ball, which means that the passage of the levels will be slightly more difficult, and it will not be so easy for you to reach the finish line. The game begins with a backstory: the hero meets his friends and notices that some of them have turned into squares. From one of the victims, the character learns that an evil black square is planning to take over the world. He wants to transform all the inhabitants and put an end to everything round and smooth.

In such chaos, you need someone who can cope with a dangerous monster and return everyone to their former shape. And this is our courageous Red Ball! He sets out to search for the main villain, and along the way he must defeat all negative characters. Passing diverse locations, you must collect stars, overcome hindrances and traps and kill all the monsters attacking you. To destroy a square, just jump on its head, and it will disappear from your path.

There are several main worlds in the game, at the end of each you will have to face a dangerous boss. For passing such locations, rewards are given, and new skins become available in a special store. They will diversify your gaming process, and make the your pastime brighter and more fun. The ball will be able to change its red color to yellow, turn into a tomato, soccer ball or funny berry. This won’t affect the gameplay, but will add a bit of variety to it.

More than 70 different levels are presented in Red Ball 5, which are full of hilarious events and difficult tasks that your character has to cope with. If you spend all your lives, the game will block access to the passage for a while, and you can return to it a little later. But don’t worry, soon your hero will be full of energy again and ready to continue his trip. And if you get stuck having no idea how to solve another puzzle, there are enough hints you can use to help you. Enjoy the colorful graphics, gripping events and mind-boggling riddles waiting for you in this great arcade and see if you can pass all the levels to confront your archenemy!