Red Ball 4

About the title

The wicked squares have gone completely out of hand! These four-angled creatures seek to deprive the peaceful round planet of arcs and smooth curves, making everything angular and turning the world 90 degrees. But there is a hero who will fight them back – a brave red ball without a single corner, which you will control in this exciting game! This is a classic platformer with puzzle elements. Roll through the level from start to finish, being aware of everything sharp and dangerous, and at the same time collect various bonuses and stars to get more points. Red Ball 4 has plenty of challenges and surprises in store for you!

The basis of the gameplay is very simple and straightforward, but the features of each level will force you to strain yourself and use your dexterity and discretion to solve the riddles. Your ball is not at all a fighter in armor, so the only thing he can do with enemies is jump on top of them. However, many of his foes are surrounded by thorns from all sides and will not give your hero the opportunity to defeat them, so you have to be careful and avoid danger whenever possible.

All you have at your disposal is a jump button and two buttons for choosing a motion vector. But despite such a trivial control toolkit, the gameplay takes on proper colors thanks to a huge number of additional elements. There are a lot of different mechanisms, interaction with which will allow you to successfully overcome difficult patches of the levels. You have to move wooden boxes in order to climb high surfaces or overcome bodies of water (the protagonist can’t swim), roll huge stone boulders, use long pieces of wood… Wooden cradles, mills, boxes with wheels – all of this can be found right within the first location.

In total there are four locations in the game, each of which has 15 levels. The variety of things waiting for you there turn a trivial platformer into a fascinating puzzle. But you will be even more pleased with the presence of bosses. Nothing can make the game even more fun than facing powerful enemies and having a chance to bring them down. They are diverse, interesting and quite complex. There are checkpoints in the battle with the leaders, so even if you lose, you’ll have another chance. Get ready for a vibrant and dynamic adventure that you are going to set out for playing Red Ball 4! Don’t let the treacherous squares build up the angular tyranny and keep peace in the friendly round land!