Red Ball 3

About the title

We’ve seen all kinds of characters in online games. Some of them are human, some are cartoon heroes and animals. And sometimes you get to play as an object that has a soul inside it and an unquenchable thirst for adventures. This is just what you are going to do in Red Ball 3! In this game you are red. And you are a ball. Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by your longtime enemy, the Black Ball, who now holds her hostage. Rescuing your beloved from the insidious villain is difficult, especially when you have neither arms nor legs. The scoundrel deserves a good thrashing, but you can get to him only after passing the sands of Egypt, high mountains and deep caves!

On the way, you will have to fly a helicopter and ride on a roller coaster. You will have to jump, fly and swim. And of course you need to avoid ending up in one of the terrible traps of the nefarious thief. There are secret passages at each level, and if you can’t pass a particularly tricky area by yourself, cool gadgets will help you. Control the red ball and guide it through a series of exciting levels to defeat evil minions – servants of the Black Ball. Jump over cliffs, climb ledges, overcome deadly obstacles, and don’t forget to collect coins – if there are not enough of them, the path to the next level will be closed. Remember that your time is limited and you need to get to the end of the location before it expires.

Your journey will run through recognizable places and you will be able to visit different picturesque corners of our world. The route will lie across waterfalls and erupting volcanoes, and even an icy lake that you can cross with the help of skates. You’ll also get to visit the famous Egyptian pyramids! The Black Ball hasn’t left the road leading to his layer unprotected – he is a master of traps. Luckily, you can easily avoid them if you figure out their logic. Of course, that will require you to use your own, so don’t hope to breeze through the game just like that! Your enemy also hired a whole crowd of assassins to kill anyone who comes near his shelter. After defeating them, you’ll see stars dropping out of the bodies – collect them to buy special modifiers that will help you in desperate situations. The degree of difficulty will continue to increase with every level forcing you to think fast and hard. Enjoy the dynamic gameplay, cute graphics and charming story of Red Ball 3 as you hurry up to save your darling from the grip of the evil Black Ball!