Red Ball 2

About the title

Welcome to a fairy tale world where everything is beautiful and nice! You know why? Because this is a land where you won’t find a single sharp line or corner! Trees, roads, mountains, even the creatures that live here and all curvy and round. That’s why they are so friendly and cheerful. This game will introduce you to one of them in particular – Red Ball. You will instantly fall for this charming hero because he never stops smiling even when his life is in danger. Maybe exactly this kind of optimistic disposition allows him to pass all the challenges playfully and merrily. You can learn to be just like that playing Red Ball 2 online!

So what are you going to do in this exciting arcade? You can answer this questions by taking a single look at the main hero. He is a ball, right? And what do balls do? They roll, bounce and enjoy themselves! Our character is no different. You’ll start off by rolling down a road that seems smooth and even. But that’s only the beginning! Very soon, you’ll come across a great number of obstacles. You’ll have to maneuver between sharp thorns, jump over pits and come up with a way to get to the other side of the river without sinking. The scenery you’re moving across will also get rougher and rougher – there will be bumps and hills to roll up and down, platforms to land on and other fascinating things that you have to consider while choosing your route.

And don’t forget about the enemies! While most traps are static and can’t chase or attack you on their own, multiple monsters won’t wait until you approach them. They too can be protected with spikes and some can’t be defeated from the first time. You’ll have to come up with a way to deal with each of them. Mostly that requires simply jumping on your opponent’s head, but be careful not to hit a thorn protruding out of it or explode on a bomb! Have fun traveling through the round land in Red Ball 2 and guide the main character through all the obstacles to successfully reach the end of the level!